Common Gathering Engines are key to getting started in crafting Room Items. These engines can be found in the General Chat Room under the third sidebar tab, and in any Void that has them enabled.

These engines are also the only ones that can be unlocked in the store to add to your own custom Void for your players. An individual engine can be added multiple times to a room for multiple farming instances; however the maximum of 8 active gatherers still applies. Each engine costs 250 AP, but can be used an unlimited amount of times once purchased.

Name Time Produces
Leaf 1 min 1 Leaf (common) or 1 Dry Leaf (uncommon) or 1 Glowing Leaf (rare)
Twig 1 min 1 Twig (common) or 1 Branch (uncommon)
Grass 1 min

1 Grass (common) or 1 Dark Grass (uncommon) or 1 Void Grass (rare) or 1 Blue Grass (rare) or 1 Pink Grass (rare)

Flint 1 min 1 Flint (Common) or 1 Sharp Flint (uncommon)
Time Sphere 1 min 1 Time Sphere
Stone 2 min 1 Stone

There are certain rooms with unique gathers such as the Blue energy gather and the Flower Gather